If you are looking for someone to help you reach your fitness goals in a fun and diverse way, youve come to the right place! All of our staff are certified personal trainers that strive to teach you proper form and maximize your results so you can stay motivated to a happier and healthier you! 

I believe that physical fitness is for people of all ages; experienced or novice.

My goal as a trainer is to help each person achieve his or her goals. I am aware that each person comes with his or her individual abilities and desires in regards to physical fitness. I can help you reach any goal whether it be weight training, gaining overall physical strength, endurance and confidence, nutrition and weight loss or gain, sports workout, or improving balance and coordination.

I want to make physical fitness enjoyable. Your workout will be tailored to your needs and you will never experience a one workout for all. Your progress will

be tracked and evaluated periodically.  Schedule an appoiment today for a complimentary fitness evaluation!



24 SESSIONS: $1,440.00 TOTAL
*$60.00 A SESSION*

12 SESSIONS: $780.00 TOTAL
*$65.00 A SESSION*

*$70.00 A SESSION*

Meet our staff : 
Alessio Casinelli 

My interest in physical fitness began in Rome where I was born, when I was only 12 years old. I started with swimming classes. I took swimming very seriously and competed for three years. I became enthusiastic about pushing myself physically.

Like every kid, I always watched movies of kickboxing and karate, and I was impressed that those little guys, like me, could use martial arts to beat the big guys. I found the passion of my life, martial arts!

I began my training with a popular Italian kick boxer who didn’t just teach me how to fight, but also taught me discipline, courage, motivation and respect. At the age of 16 I started to use free weights and machines during my kick-boxing training. Thus began my interest in body-building. There was so much to learn about weight training and body building that I read one book after another.

My passion for kick-boxing continued, but by the age of eighteen I was very serious about weight training too. I got to the point that I had to decide where to focus. So I started to train with weights only, with the best trainers in Rome. They changed my life: the way I was training, eating and my mental approach.

One day I was talking with a friend about jobs one day and he asked me if I was interested in becoming a trainer in a gym. At the time I wasn’t sure if I knew enough to be able to teach other people. He told me that he didn’t know a single trainer who read as much as I did and took training so seriously.

I took my first course to become a certified trainer and began my first job at the age of 20. I have never stopped loving teaching and training and I try to transmit my love and enthusiasm for working out and training to my clients.

I worked as a trainer for six years in Rome with a variety of clients including professional athletes, soccer players, actors and models.

Then I became interested in moving to the United States to pursue my dream of making a career in the field of fitness training. My first jobs were in large fitness gyms in Los Angeles. I continued my education, taking more courses in being a personal trainer. I can always learn something new even now, after 10 years of working as a professional trainer. Now I want to bring my enthusiasm to my new Club, “DO IT NOW!” My goal is to continue helping people to reach their dreams.

I believe that everyone and anyone can reach their goals with the right motivation and philosophy. Age and physical condition shouldn't stop anyone. So don’t wait anymore and let me help you to DO IT NOW! See you at the gym.

Willis Mcneil 

Fitness for me started in the 4th grade, when i won my first race. Which took me through track and field throughout high school. Basketball, baseball, and football were also my loves. In sunyville, CA i worked at 24 hour natilus super spas of CA. That was my first gym job and it propelled me to where i am now. Bally total fitness, Marina Fitness Center, Natilus Plus, LA Fitness are all part of my journey that created my passion for personal training. I have been a certified personal trainer for 10 years now. I like to incorporate yoga, pilaties, cardio kickboxing, stretching, cardio, weights, and massag into your personal work out session. "It's not the mountain ahead that wears you out, but the grain of sand in your shoe" -Chinese Proverb- .....LET'S HIT IT!!

H.I.I.T Circuit Training with me 
Monday and Wednesday

 Josephine Garcia

Growing up I participated in every possible athletic program and was always up for exploring new activities. My determination and curiosity have me never turning down a challenge or new experience. I'm constantly reminded of the positive effects excersice has on my own physical and phsycological well being, and my appreciation for what our bodies and minds can achieve is ever increasing. As a personal trainer, I want to share my enthusiasm and help you realize what your body is capable of. I believe that self-care is of the utmost importance and that taking the time to honor your body will leave you feeling happier and ready to take on lifes many challenges. My free spirit, passion, and skill-set have allowed me to help people enjoy healthier lives within their own limits, through exercise and healthy practices. With the right training program, determination and support, anyone can achieve their goals. Sessions are tailor made to you, your body and its needs with a challenging playfullness that is guaranteed to leave you sweating and happy. "You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream." C.S. Lewis 

Cardio Kickboxing with me
Tuesday and Thursday